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July 30, 2016

Loyola Black Voices Host Historic Demonstration in Solidarity with Mizzou The Black Tribune

Loyola Black Voices Host Historic Demonstration in Solidarity with Mizzou

12226659_10203650778949845_581400169_nOn Thursday, November 12, 2015 at Loyola University Chicago students, faculty, staff and community members gathered on the campus to join in solidarity with Black students at University of Missouri. The group, Loyola Black Voices, an anonymous student group organized the demonstration. This demonstration comes just days after The Black Tribune Senior Contributor, Ravyn X, called for students across the country to join the fight for equality, protection and inclusion of students of color.

Loyola student leaders also delivered by hand demands focusing on the discriminatory practices against students of color and other underrepresented groups on campus. The demonstration included a student walk-out, marches and a rally. Loyola Black Voices said they “are seeking to highlight the systemic oppression faced by black and brown students in collegiate institutions, but also to emphasize the impact they have on their surrounding communities.”

The students at Loyola University Chicago joined students across the nation from over 50 colleges and universities and 1 high school to demand equality and to be in solidarity with students at the University of Missouri.

A response from so many universities goes to show the need for equality, inclusion and protection for students of color. “We are not fighting to reform or support the oppressive systems that academia upholds. We are fighting for more spaces where black and brown students are safe and no longer targeted, terrorized and traumatized,” said a demonstrator.
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