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July 28, 2016

CALL TO ACTION: Nationwide Demonstration in Solidarity with Mizzou The Black Tribune

CALL TO ACTION: Nationwide Demonstration in Solidarity with Mizzou


MO State activist, Ravyn J. Brooks, calls for black students & allies to demonstrate in light of systemic racism in public and private academic institutions

“Dear Fellow Black Collegians & Allies:

‘We are obliged to act in times of injustice; understanding that these incidents are not isolated, but an outburst of systemic racism in public and private academic institutions, it is our duty to confront the administrations of these institutions.’ – National Black Student Caucus

As collegians, students of color, and believers in justice, we are obliged to expose the systemic oppression and racial tensions that bleed across our campuses! It is our moral duty to stand in solidarity with the black students at University of Missouri—Columbia, Concerned Student 1950, Jonathan Butler, and student-athletes on the football team in the fight for the removal of their system President, Tim Wolfe. His negligence of (therefore, participation in) the explicit racially charged and unjust events occurring on the campus since October is unacceptable. We owe solidarity to Missouri State University—Springfield, and all black students nationwide as we fight administrative neglect, abuse of power, and a lack of adequate resources.

To show solidarity, we will organize nationwide, on-campus demonstrations. We will uphold the demands issued by Mizzou students, as well as individual demands respective to our institutions. These demonstrations will be scheduled for the same day (Thursday, November 12, 2015). It is crucial that these demonstrations be organized and focused. Each campus coalition is allowed discretion over the kind of demonstration it wishes to organize; however, for the sake of unity, each demonstration should incorporate signs reading:


“I Support Jonathon Butler”



“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere!”

Please forward this message to as many black organizations on collegiate campuses as diligently as possible as the action is very time sensitive. We must take advantage of this momentum to let administrations all across the nation know that we are not just tokens for “diversity” and “inclusion,” and are serious about justice!

If you are interested, please e-mail me at with the subject line: “Black Collegiate Solidarity Demonstration.”

Peace and Love,

Ravyn Brooks

Missouri State University, 2017